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The Smiles And Fragrant Scents Of Aceh Shuhada's

Rabi ul Sani 04, 1431 A.H, Sunday March 21, 2010

The Smile of Pura Sudarma a.k.a Jaja

Friday afternoon, at around 17:00 WIB (West Indonesian Time), the janaza of Jaja whose original name is Pura Sudarma was at last buried in his village in the district of Sajira, Lebak county, Banten. That afternoon, more than 1000 people were present to take part in the burial of the man aged in his 50's, who was shot to death in Aceh Besar, last Friday, the 12th March.

Pura Sudarma alias Jaja left behind a wife and four children. The janaza of Jaja left the Polri (Indonesian Police) Hospital, Kramat Jati at around 13:00 WIB and arrived at the resident of Jaja at around 16:00 WIB, Friday (19/3/2010). Reporters were not allowed entry inside the house, there was sign which said "Press off limits!" at the arch of the gate. A banner with the wordings “Welcome, Warrior of Islam” also greeted the entourage at the river bridge that leads to the village. Also, another banner that quoted surah An-Nisa verse 76 was also installed at the house gate.

After the janaza had arrived and was placed inside the house, the funeral prayer was performed by the females, after that the janaza was carried into the masjid for the funeral prayer to be performed again by the male attendees this time, who numbered in their thousands. From the masjid, the coffin of the janaza was straight away carried to the Public Cemetery of Sajira which was 300 meters away into the south from the resident of the deceased. Cries of takbeer, “Allahu Akbar!” were continuously called by the mourners from the masjid to the burial site.

Pura Sudarma alias Jaja was said to be one of the mentors of Abdul Aziz alias Imam Samudra who also hailed from Banten. Jaja was known as a rich man as he owned a lot of businesses. He operated a tour business in Sajirah, managed an orchard in Pandeglang, as well as workshops in Bandung, Jakarta, and Serang.

Whereas another man who was also shot to death in Aceh Besar, named Enceng Kurnia alias Arham had been buried on Friday morning at around 01:00 WIB in Bandung. The janaza of Arham left the Polri Hospital, Kramat Jati on Thursday night at around 21:00 WIB and straight away departed for Bandung. No media reports on the funeral of Enceng alias Arham.

Ridwan's Ambition For Shaheed Finally Achieved.

Last Saturday, 13th March 2010, at around 1100 AM, the janaza of Nico Prestiando alias Ridwan, the man who was shot to death on Tuesday, 9th March 2010 in Gang Asem, Pamulang was at last buried. The janaza of this man who was born in 1978 was rested for a while in the house with the address Bulak Sereh Road, Gg Masjid No 57, RT10/04, Cibubur, Ciracas, East Jakarta. Then, the janaza was uncovered for its condition to be seen. There were five holes from gun shots at the chest area, and fresh blood was still flowing from those gunshot wounds that made Ridwan's body has to be wrapped in black plastic underneath the shroud that covered his body.

According to the news that we received, during the incident of the shootings, Ridwan was floored to the ground in front of the internet cafe in Gang Asem and then shot five times where the bullets penetrated onto the floor underneath and left behind five bullet marks.

Afterwards, the janaza was not washed or its shroud changed again, it was brought straight away to the mussola at the back of the house for solat ul janaza to be performed. After the solat, the janaza of Ridwan or Nico was then carried to the Pondok Rangon Public Cemetery which was located some 7 km away from his house. There were about 40 plus mourners who sent off his janaza for the burial.

Ridwan left behind a wife named Eka and a daughter named Hafshoh who was only 6 months old. Earlier, as was told to his wife, Ridwan said that he wished to die shaheed in Allah's cause. His wife said that at last his do'a was granted. This man whose original name was Nico Prestiando which he later changed to Ridwan, was an alumni of the Mujahideen Camp in Moro, Philippines, he departed for Moro in 2004 and only returned to Indonesia in early 2007.

At last, Ridwan realized his ambition to die as Shuhada killed by his enemies, only the best are chosen by Allah to die in His cause.

Reading The Signs On The Fragrant Scent Of Dulmatin's Body

It have been four days since Dulmatin exhaled his last breath to meet his Rabb (Lord), after being shot by the Densus 88 team in Pamulang, Tangerang Banten on Tuesday 9th March 2010, along with his two companions. The mourners and people who paid respects to the family of the deceased smelt sweet aroma emanating from his body. What does this indicate?

The Janaza of Dulmatin arrived at the resident of his family at around 03:00 WIB.

The reception of Dulmatin's body whose real name is Amar Usman bin Usman bin Sovie was greeted by a banner with the wordings “Ammar bin Usman Sovie not a terrorist but a Mujahid.”

Soon as the janaza arrived at the house of Dulmatin's parents which was located exactly in front of a market in Petarukan Pemalang, the coffin was straight away carried and placed inside the house, which at the same time is also a shop which is green color.

After the coffin was opened and the family saw the condition of the janaza, they let the attendees which the majority of them are male, witness the condition of the janaza themselves.

In a glance, the condition on the face was quite good, meaning there was no wounds on the face, except under the chin, on the right side (the conditions of the janazas of other "terrorists" that I have seen were not like this, especially the janazas of Air Setiawan and Eko Peyang, their faces were clearly crushed, with gunshot wounds on the forehead and other bruises, the back of the janaza's head was clearly shattered and covered with plastic similar to the thin plastic bag with handle used in shopping. The janazas of Urwah and Adib Susilo who were both shot to death in Mojosongo late last Ramadhan were also the same, their faces and heads were totally shattered). There was something like a gunshot wound or a stab, but why was the wound coming from the back? Didn't Dulmatin fall from being shot and which was not on the neck?

Under the shroud, the body of the janaza was wrapped with a black plastic, unfortunately yours truly did not have the chance to take it off to see the condition of the body from the neck donwards, but I have got the information that one of the family members had gotten the photo of the body from the neck downwards, who told that there were a number of nicely aranged gunshot wounds, perhaps I will write about this one day if I have alreday the data, insha Allah. On the shroud below the area of the private parts, there were patches of blood that were still wet, where I guessed the blood was still flowing, God knows what are the wounds on that area.

Eventually, I went out of the house and waited along with the other mourners while waiting for the Subuh adzan. After the Subuh prayer, I sat around the market area together with the crowds and neighbors of Dulmatin's family. From the stories of my friends who chatted with the neighbors of Dulmatin's family there, they said that this family of Dulmatin are very good in terms of their relations with the surrounding residents, Dulmatin's family like to give away rice or other needs to the neighbors who are in need. Dulmatin's family are known as a rather rich family. In fact, this family own a big building located 1 km away before the grave of Dulmatin, used as factory for harvesting bird's nests (edible bird's nests used as medicine and delicacy are among the most expensive animal products – ed). I could calculate how much income is coming from the houses producing the bird's nests which I passed by while heading for the graveyard. Strange indeed, Dulmatin is from a rich family but why did he leave all those and choose to fight in the Philippines, becoming someone who was hunted by America, Philippines, Indonesia and their other allies?? Only Dulmatin could answer that question, but it could never be answered anymore because the person could no longer talk.

Most of the mourners came from the town of Solo, Pekalongan, Semarang, Kudus and some other nearby towns. In fact, ba'da subuh (after fajr prayer) flows of cars kept coming and increasing.

The funeral procession was officially started by the big family of Dulmatin. Loud cries of takbeer from the crowds in their thousands along with the family members accompanied the procession headed by the vehilce carrying the coffin. One of the villagers even said that “this reception is even bigger than the reception of a president.”

Ba’asyir: It Is A Sign That Dulmatin Is Not A Terrorist But A Mujahid

Though not really knowing well the person of Dulmatin, Ustadz Abu Bakar Ba’asyir believed that Dulmatin is not a terrorist who all this time was hunted by the police.

According to him, Dulmatin is a Mujahid, because he defended the Muslims who are oppressed in other countries, despite being judged as a terrorist, Ba'asyir also let the society to disagree with the jihad in the style of Dulmatin.

"Let the society judge, what I know is that they are warriors of Islam, not terrorists, the terrorist is America. That's what reversed, a thief calling 'thief!' but Indonesia blindly immitated," Ba’asyir said, Friday (12/3/2010).

Besides that, according to Ba'asyir, there is a difference between the bodies of the people who are terrorists and the bodies of those who are not terrorist. This has been proven by the janazas of Dulmatin and friends from the people who had witnessed their janazas personally before they were buried.

“Their scent was fragrant and their blood still oozing. That shows they are not terrorists but Mujahids, if they are terrorists they would have surely smelt bad even after five minutes, Wallahu a’lamu bis-sowab.” Ba'asyir said.

“Think not of those who are slain in Allah's way as dead. Nay, they live, finding their sustenance in the presence of their Lord.” (Qur'an Ali Imran : 169).



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