Sunday, April 18, 2010

Misai Kucing (2)

Misai Kucing juice cures all ills

THERE are many local herbs which are of great medicinal value to us but many of us do not know most of them. I am writing this to share my experience in using the wonderful herb called Misai Kucing.

I have read in the newspapers that Misai Kucing is used for treating arthritis, gout and rheumatism. It is a flowering plant with white, whisker-like flowers, hence the name.

In 1999, my left breast was removed. My left hand could not even touch my right shoulder. My left shoulder blade was in great pain especially at night. I did not want to take pain killers.

I tried drinking the juice of the Misai Kucing instead. After taking the juice twice, my left hand could touch my right shoulder and after drinking the juice four times, the shoulder pain stopped. After that I took the juice about once a fortnight.

In March 2008, I was away in Johor Baru for more that three months and my left shoulder pain returned. I was given acupuncture treatment and two injections but there was not much relief. When I returned to Ipoh, I took the Misai Kucing juice again. After taking it six times, the pain stopped.

Last week, I was discharged from hospital after surgery to remove my womb. My abdomen was bloated with wind and I was in pain even though I took medication.

I took the Misai Kucing juice again for three days. What a relief! Now I am recuperating and I hope that someone would do more research on the herb.

Y. O. LIM,

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